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At Rapido Books, we are constantly looking to create innovative solutions and new ways of doing things to make our clients’ lives easier. Some of them have accepted to share with us how we particularly helped them.

Printing your first photography book with Rapido Books

Want to publish a black and white photo book using rich black printing?
Discover our technique for preparing your print files, which will allow you to obtain deeper blacks and richer shades of gray.

Optimizing inventory management with FlexRapido volume discounts

Find out the reasons that led Montreal publisher Véhicule Press to print around 20 titles of their catalogue with Rapido Books since 2017, i.e. more than 10,000 copies to date.

Optimizing ARCs fulfillment thanks to Archery

How did ECW Press save their marketing team more than 600 hours over of 2 publishing seasons? By choosing Rapido to print the Advance Reading Copies of 75 of their titles!

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Thanks to Rapido we don’t need to pay high fees to store extra copies, and we will never need to invest in undesirable things such as remaindering or pulping books. The service is quick and the quality of Rapido’s printing is always terrific.

What more could a publisher want?

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