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Letting Go of EITHER/OR
and Embracing BOTH/AND

With more than 30 years of experience in printing, Simon Dulac began his career in France, where he simultaneously oversaw the printing of more than 20 weekly newspapers. Deciding to follow his children to Montreal, he founded Rapido Books in 2013, with the objective of sharing his expertise in digital technology with Canadian and Quebec publishers.

Simon Dulac

The result is Rapido Books’ trademark turnkey service for short-run printing and print-on-demand. Simon leads a team of dynamic professionals dedicated to offering publishers new and creative solutions that will pave the way for the future of the printed book.

Rapido’s philosophy is based on 4 principles:

LOCAL PRINTING & EFFICIENCY: Produce books locally with faster turnaround times;
UNIQUE PRODUCTS: Help publishers transform their books into beautiful works with more value than the electronic alternative;
USABILITY: Provide clients with modern and easy-to-use technology that makes ordering as simple as a few clicks;
FREEDOM: In an industry controlled all too often by distribution channels, Rapido gives publishers the freedom to create.
Under Simon’s leadership, Rapido Books has served well over 500 publishers across Canada, a testament to the company’s customer service and tireless support of publishers in their quest to put books where they belong: in readers’ hands!

© Cover photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash