Video Tutorials

To create a professional layout in just a few minutes.


How to generate a barcode for the ISBN number? And how should it then be integrated into the print files so that it is easily scannable?

Watch this tutorial to find out!


What is bleed? When must I add bleed? Is it really necessary?

Get the answers to all these questions, illustrated with concrete examples.

Book Cover

How to create a cover file for softcover books? What are the main rules to follow?

Discover the steps to take in your Adobe InDesign file.

Book Cover (with flaps)

What are the particularities of a cover file with flaps? What details should you pay attention to?

Here are all our tips and tricks!

Hardcover Books

How to prepare your hardcover for print?

Discover how to do so, and examples of books we’ve printed.

Layout Template

What are the rules for a professional and eye-catching interior layout?

Discover a concrete example in this video.


What do you need to know when creating your book spine? What are the subtleties to master?

Discover our 8 essential tips in our new video tutorial!

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