Short run

Since 2013, we have been specialized in short-run, fast turnaround book printing. Printing shorter runs helps reduce waste and provides our customers with the flexibility they need to adapt to today’s fast-changing world.

Choose flexibility

  Eliminate the risk of unsold stock by only printing the quantities you need
  Minimize your storage fees by reducing inventory and reprinting books as you need them
  Choose from over 10,000 possible combinations of formats, paper type, binding and lamination


“We print approximately 40 titles a year at Rapido. In other words, we appreciate their work!

Their good choice of paper, their flexibility regarding formats and bindings, and their short turnaround times make them valuable collaborators.”

— Hélène Rudel-Tessier, CARTE BLANCHE / DEL BUSSO

Rapido's expertise at your service

test copy

We always recommend our customers to print a test copy first. Done within 48 hours, the test copy is a reproduction of the published book that is identical to the final product. It gives you a preview of the book’s quality before it goes to print.


- Higher quality colour printing thanks to our HP Indigo digital presses
- PUR perfect binding for a more flexible and durable product
- Consistent product quality from one print run to the next


Our Services


Up to 1,000 copies printed and delivered to you in just a few days!


Enjoy top-of-the-line digital colour printing quality on our HP Indigo presses

for publishers

Our flexible and innovative solutions are specially designed to support publishers’ needs

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