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Printing a book is a complex undertaking in which nothing can be left to chance. We have gathered tools and resources below to help you successfully print a book you can be proud of.

Printer’s Glossary

Missing a technical term? It is very likely to be found in our glossary, accompanied by practical advice that will allow better collaboration with professional printers.

Paper Recommendations

Which papers (interior and cover) to choose for your book project? Discover our recommendations according to the genre, format and number of pages of your project.

Spine Width Calculator

Wondering what the width of your book’s spine should be based on your desired book specs? Use this tool to get an exact spine width for your book.

Video Tutorials

An image is worth a thousand words. Check out these video tutorials on some of the more complex elements of book printing.

Printing Guide

For book production to go smoothly and to ensure best printing quality, your files must respect our file submission requirements, which we have listed here.

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