Printing guide

To ensure your files meet professional printing standards, make sure they respect the following technical requirements:

1. One interior PDF file (PDF/X-1a), set up in single spreads (not double spreads)

  • The print file must match the dimensions of the print quote.
  • Bleed: if any of your interior pages have bleed, make sure to include crop marks. Minimum required bleed is 0.125 in (3 mm).

2. One cover PDF file (PDF/X-1a)

  • The cover file must include the front cover (C1), spine and back cover (C4) in a single spread. Front cover should be on the right, back cover on the left, and the spine in the middle.
  • The required width of your book’s spine is indicated in the upper-right corner of our print quote. (For a hardcover book, a customized template will be provided for the cover once the print order has been confirmed.)
  • Bleed is required. Minimum required bleed is 0.125 in (3 mm).
  • Crop marks are required. Make sure your crop marks are cut off 0.125 in (3 mm) of their intersection (see example below).
  • If your cover requires duplex (double-sided) printing, download our Printing Guide for more details about file submission, or contact us.

Here’s an example of a print-ready cover file with indications (click to enlarge):

  • Colour profile must be CMYK. RGB and Pantone colour profiles are not accepted (if possible, use profile U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2).
  • Fonts must be embedded in both the interior and cover PDF files.
  • If your cover has a barcode, ensure that the barcode is 100% black on a white background.


To submit your files

If this is your first time printing with us, contact us to receive a link to our file deposit page.

If you already have an account with us, you can submit files using the File Deposit tab in your Rapido client portal.



Download our Printing Guide:

Download our JOBOPTIONS file:

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