Fast turnaround

At Rapido, speed is in our DNA. We strive to optimize all our processes, all so that we can offer you the fastest printing times in Canada.

Save time at all stages of the process

Unlike the majority of other printers, we offer our customers real control over their publishing schedule:

  Price quotes and production orders can be tracked from your online portal. The process is reliable, professional and simple !

  Books printed within 3-5 days on average so you don’t need to worry about being out of stock.

  An ideal solution for your events, launches and books fairs in Canada, the US and Europe.


Thanks to Rapido we don’t need to pay high fees to store extra copies, and we will never need to invest in undesirable things such as remaindering or pulping books. The service is quick and the quality of Rapido’s printing is always terrific.

What more could a publisher want?

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Rapido’s expertise at your service

test copy

We always recommend our customers to print a test copy first. Done within 48 hours, the test copy is a reproduction of the published book that is identical to the final product. It gives you a preview of the book’s quality before it goes to print.


– Higher quality colour printing thanks to our HP Indigo digital presses
– PUR perfect binding for a more flexible and durable product
– Consistent product quality from one print run to the next


Our Services


Up to 1,000 copies printed and delivered to you in just 3-5 days!


Enjoy top-of-the-line digital colour printing quality on our HP Indigo presses

for publishers

Our flexible and innovative solutions are specially designed to support publishers’ needs

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