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We draw on decades of experience in the printing industry.

Suggestions for use

This table offers our recommendations regarding which paper type is most suitable for specific types of books. They are the fruit of our years of experience in the printing industry. That said, there exist too many possible combinations to list them all here. The option that best fits your needs may not be listed here. Feel free to contact us if you’d like a personalized recommendation.

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Type B&W or Colour Format Less than 150p. More than 150p. Cover Cover finish
Catalogues, portfolios Colour 8×10 Lynx 80 lb n/a 12 points C1C Matte or Glossy
Cooking Colour 8.5×11 Silk 80 lb Silk 80 lb 12 points C1C Matte or Glossy
Children Colour 8.5×8.5 Gloss 100 lb n/a 12 points C1C Glossy
Poetry* Black & White 4.25×7 Rolland Opaque 70 lb Rolland Opaque 60 lb Rolland Opaque 80 lb None
Travel Black & White + some colour pages 5.5×8.5 or 6×9 Lynx 60 lb Lynx 70 lb 10 points C1C Matte or Glossy
Novel Black & White 5.5×8.5 ou 6×9 Enviro Book 55 lb or Lynx 60/70 lb** Lynx 60 lb 10 points C1C Matte or Glossy


*No solid colours on spine to avoid binding issues
**Our Enviro Book paper is 100% recycled and is therefore lightly grey. It can also feature impurity due to the fact that it is made from recycled fibres. Our Lynx 60 lb and 70 lb are offset white papers that provide a more consistent whiteness.

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