Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum amount you can print?

For your first order, we ask that a minimum of 25 copies be printed. This prerequisite is valid for black & white publications, as well as for those in color, and even for hardcover books.

How long will it take to print my books?

After receipt and approval of proof copy and validation of print-ready files, your order will be printed in 5-10 days (softcover perfect binding, spiral or saddle-stitch, up to 200 copies).

Contact us for production times of larger quantities and hardcover books.

Why are print runs getting smaller?

We’ve noticed a tendency among our clients to decrease the quantity of their print runs and increase the frequency at which they order. It’s a bit like a baker who instead of baking two batches per day increases to four or five batches in response to demand and to make sure the bread is always fresh. Why build up stock when you can just as easily reprint at an affordable price when you need it?

What paper do you use?

All the paper we use comes from sustainably managed forests or from recycling. Paper can only be recycled a maximum of five times, so ‘new’ pulp has to be constantly reintroduced to feed the recycling process. It’s a virtuous circle, which we explain in our Commitment to the Environment.

What printing technology do you use?

We print using high definition digital printing technology. Our blacks successfully reproduce an offset black and are not too black, as is often the case in digital printing.

How do I calculate the spine width of my book?

What is your turnaround time for printing and shipping books to the United States?

One week (maximum 7 business days).

Do you respect fibre direction?

Yes, both on cover stock and interior papers. In other words, the direction of the fibre is always parallel to the spine, which makes for a more supple book.

What support do you offer in preparing my print-ready PDF files?

Our technicians are at your disposal to examine your files and provide you with the advice you need to create your print-ready files.

What type of glue do you use for your perfect binding?

We use PUR (polyurethane) glue because it provides the perfect balance of solidity, flexibility and durability, all for the same price as classic glue… that’s the RAPIDO commitment to quality!

What types of cover finish do you offer?

Glossy or matte, with no difference in price. For other options such as scuff free, contact us for more details.

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What I particularly appreciated was how quickly you answered my calls or emails. You gave me a delivery date that you were able to meet.

I thank you for everything. I am completely satisfied with your services and the product delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend you.
Gaëtane Dion


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