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Reduce storage fees by ordering progressively based on demand

Get volume discounts every time you reprint and protect your cash flow


The benefits of FlexRapido
in dollars

Let’s say you need to print a new title:

6 x 9 — 120 pages — B&W interior* — Perfect bound

You have two options:

You print 1,000 copies

You use FlexRapido

scenario #1

You sell 500 copies

But you printed 1,000 copies

  • Unit price at 1,000 copies: $1.95
  • 500 unsold copies

For a total cost of $1,950

You overspent by 50%

You are prudent and only print 500 copies

  • Unit cost at 500 copies: $2.36
  • Zero unsold copies

For a total cost of 1,180$

You save 39%

scenario #2

You sell 800 copies

But you printed 1,000 copies
  • Unit price at 1,000 copies: $1.95
  • 200 unsold copies



Total cost = $1,950

You overspent by 20%

You are prudent and print progressively

  • First run of 500 copies
    Unit price at 500 copies: $2.36
  • Second run of 200 copies**
    Unit price at 700 copies: $2.19
  • Third run of 100 copies**
    Unit price at 800 copies: $2.11
  • Zero unsold copies

Total cost = $1,829

You save 6%

*Colour books not eligible for FlexRapido
**Required minimum quantity for reprint orders: 100 copies

Note: Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) and orders smaller than 100 copies do not count towards the total tally for a FlexRapido discount

Take advantage of Rapido’s expertise

TURNAROUND TIME of 3-5 days only





Rapido’s Flex program has been an amazing tool for Book*hug Press. Since we began using the program a few years ago it has been incredibly easy for us to keep our titles in print in cost effective ways. We don’t need to print large numbers of copies to hit better price points — in fact with FlexRapido we are rewarded for needing more copies of a title.

We also don’t need to pay high fees to store extra copies, and we will never need to invest in undesirable things such as remaindering or pulping books. The service is quick and the quality of Rapido’s printing is always terrific.

What more could a publisher want?

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