Our vision

Our connected tools are easy to use, our turnaround times are ultra-fast.

We make the complicated simple.

It’s no secret that the publishing industry’s traditional supply model is on the decline. The large distribution houses are struggling, and large bookstores, like the independent ones, are seeing a slump in sales. In the face of the increasing dominance of electronic books, standardization seems to be the only solution, even though it decreases supply and hampers creativity. It’s also biting into revenues for everyone in the chain: authors, editors and bookstores.

Publishers need to recreate themselves, and we at Rapido believe that print-on-demand is the key to staying relevant. Our digital solutions and simple ordering procedure bring publishers and authors flexibility, ease, security and profitability.

They don’t have to waste as much time, paper or money. Even better, publishers and authors can take back creative control. Who could say no?
In bypassing distributors, publishers have more direct access to their markets. Along with social media and online sales channels, it’s never been easier to build long-lasting relationships with readers.

The industry might be volatile, but it’s also an exciting time to discover new opportunities for publishers, authors, and bookstores. Won’t you come join us?

Our Commitments

The Rapido Books team works tirelessly to produce the best quality books, all while adhering to the following promises:

  • The best service at the best possible prices;
  • Strict production quality control and promptness;
  • Process efficiency that doesn’t waste time, materials or money;
  • Continuous innovation that allows us to offer you the best and most options (accurate colours, choice of paper finish, etc.);
  • Valuing clients by listening to their business needs and providing customized solutions that are right for them.

At Rapido Books, we only promise what we can deliver, and exceed your expectations every time, all while helping you grow your business.

Our Approach

In keeping with our commitment to innovation and convenience, Rapido Books is building its legacy by:

Reinventing regularly in our production quality:

  • Automating as much as we can for the comfort and security of our clients;
  • Creating value through making books that are unique, durable and beautiful;
  • Employing leading professionals that are at the forefront of the industry;
  • Relying on proactive partners to ensure continued added value and quality to our clients.